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More “Watchmen” Pizazz…

I am so over this movie…

And then THIS shows up.

Should You Watch the “Watchmen”?

In a word, No.

I don’t often like to give simple, one-word answers, but this film’s second weekend begins today, and it’s success this weekend will essentially determine weather it’s considered a success or a disappointment by Hollywood standards.  I felt that I should say something to influence people in favor of more deserving films.

“Watchmen”, as you are no doubt aware, is based on a Hugo-award winning graphic novel (don’t call it a comic, someone will hurt you) and has been ranked on Time Magazine’s top 100 novels of all time.  These oft-repeated facts are given to try to elevate people’s conception of the material (and the movie), above what people perceive as a “comic book” movie.  I personally think that “Dark Knight” was all we needed, but apparently the people at Warner Brothers thought differently.

And the book itself is deserving of these words – the material is really quite dense.  However, it seems that the creators of the film completely missed these deeper meanings in the text.  What’s annoying about the film is that director Zac Snyder does an admirable job preserving the visuals from the comic (apparently keeping as many easter eggs in as he can (link)) and lifting most of the dialogue directly from the book.  But despite this, the movie doesn’t add up to something worthwhile. read more »