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The End of the Line!

…Well, kind of. Friday, April 17, marked our last day on the Todman soundstage. Principal photography for “The Sheol Express” has wrapped!

We could not have asked for more. It has been a rare and beautiful privilege making this movie with such a talented and committed team, and I look forward to seeing our collective blood, sweat, and tears come together in the cut!

Evan Derrick, chief editor at Impact Productions, is spearheading the edit. Managing post workflow is Vlad Kucherov, who will facilitate communication between Evan and our visual effects wizards, Perry and Bryce Kroll.

Thank you, team, for breathing life into our story. We have something truly special.

“You Can’t Do This”

That’s what they told us.

According to Robby – Ryan’s Advanced Production class professor (to complicate things, I am no longer at NYU, which upsets some members of the ruling class) – the soundstage authorities doubt our ability to bring this story to life. It’s too ambitious, too big, too messy, too demanding, too intensive, too [adjective].

And, listen, really, let’s shoot straight here for a moment. We haven’t exactly been angels. We needed eighteen hours to cast in Todman – the facility with the soundstage and casting space – and the cap on time was twelve. Our producer pulled some strings; we turned a bit of a blind eye and like magic, got what we needed.

Until, of course, they found out we’d played the system. And no one likes feeling they’ve been played.

Robby, thank God for him, went to bat for us in a panel meeting. “This project must be made,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”

Having won the ire of our bureaucratic superiors, we’ll be walking on glass for the next couple of weeks, submitting drafts and providing details to assuage their fears. We were concerned the meeting could have been a “we’re sorry, but you’re shut down” kind of situation… thankfully, it wasn’t.

We’re full-steam ahead.

A Slight Problem?

Today I received an e-mail from my production teacher and faculty sponsor, Robby Benson, that contained the following text:

Dear Ryan,

we need to talk. There is a problem.

I have no idea what is going on here.  I think that it may have something to do with some bending of the rules that our production did to secure 4 more hours of audition space in the NYU film facility, but I cannot imagine that it would be anything this “ominous”, as Mike called it.  We’ve arranged a meeting tomorrow at 4pm, so hopefully things will be cleaned up by then.  We’ll keep you posted.