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Post-Production for Palm Springs

There is always one more detail to debate: how do we feel about the color of Diggory’s coat in this shot? – is the CG flag fluttering in the wind at the appropriate speed? – can we add more rust to the train car’s surface? – how should the fog evolve in this scene? It is precisely such details that our VFX team, Perry and Bryce Kroll of Studio Free Radical, and our colorist, Vladimir Kucherov of VladLab, are addressing throughout the “Sheol” post-production process. I’ve had the privilege of working with these guys over the past two weeks while Ryan’s been preparing for Palm Springs. Our sleepless sprint to update the version of the film included in Palm Springs’ Film Market was exhausting – I ran to the FedEx location on Wall Street and mailed the DVD just half an hour before the office closed – but the insanity has paid off. Thanks to our collaborative push in the final hour, “Sheol” will look incredible at Palm Springs. And more generally, the film is worth the wait, folks: post is bringing it to life.


It’s happening right now, folks. As I write from the comfort of my home in America’s Sailing Capital, Ryan Patch, Jenn Durrett, and Perry Kroll of Studio Free Radical are braving Colorado’s mountains, traversing treacherous terrain in search of the perfect natural elements to photograph for our film’s atmospheric plates. Basically, they’re shooting things like water, smoke, and fog, all of which will add depth and texture to the onscreen world of Sheol. Wish them luck!