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So, I have gotten literally dozens of texts asking me if I’ve heard about the film “Snowpiercer”.  Because it looks.  A lot.  Like Sheol.  Express.

For the uninitiated, it’s a dystopian film about a train that speeds through a barren, icy, landscape, and a group of steerage-class rebels that lead a rebellion against the privileged few “up front”.  There’s environmental and class issues, as well as incredible production design. Check out the trailer below:

The film is based on a graphic novel that was published before I was even born, so unfortunately there’s no millions of dollars in copyright infringement on the horizon.

After watching it, I must admit that I find “Sheol’s” design, world, and philosophical questions more interesting that the ones that Snowpiercer engages (although I am supremely biased).  And I am also very proud of what we were able to achieve with “Sheol”‘s miniscule budget (when compared to “Snowpiercer”s 30-million budget.)

However, what is most interesting things that I find about this film I think is it’s release strategy.  It’s one of the first films that’s really embraced a dramatic release window.  The film was released online on VOD platforms at nearly the same time that it was released in 8 theaters in the US.  This is usually an impossibility because US distributors won’t let films go to online VOD too soon, because they fear that they will lose box office sales.  However, it was because of the VOD sales and word-of-mouth that Snowpiercer was able to substantially able to expand to 150 theaters!

So, hopefully this is a small step towards a better distribution cycle for independent films that can benefit from nontraditional releases like this.