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The Countdown Continues…

We are counting down the hours until we shoot! Just for reference, here’s what we’re working with over the next few days, and what a production like ours looks like as the days tick down…

Monday, April 6th

Final production meeting with Department Heads. Finalize shotlist.

Tuesday, April 7th

Art department does final shopping. Final rehearsal with actors. Get some sleep.

Wednesday, April 8th

8 AM – arrive at scenic shop to LOAD all of our sets into our space. Assemble them on the soundstage. Pickup props from NJ. Pickup grip equipment for prelight the following day.

Thursday, April 9th

Touch up painting. Art Department dresses sets. Pickup camera equipment.

Friday, April 10th – Thursday, April 16th

Make a movie!

Our Journey So Far

So, just to give you guys a sense of this production, where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going, I thought that you’d all enjoy a brief write-up of the timeline of this movie. Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how quickly! So, without further adieu – the schedule!

July 2008 – Ryan receives e-mail from Advanced Production class teacher Robby Benson, saying that scripts for Advanced project must be ready by first day of call in Fall 2007. Begins batting around ideas. read more »