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On Fashion and Costumes

So, I reeeeealy wish I had a picture of this, but this morning at 10AM found Carmen (one of our production designers) and I walking down Canal street with about 20 yards of 2″ thick foam.  Now, this roll was about 3′ tall and 4′ in diameter, and I simply carried it on my head and walked the 20 blocks to the scenic shop where the sets are being built.

Now, this does sound/it was ridiculous.  But in the middle of Canal street on a busy weekday morning?  No one really gave me a second look.  Ahh, New York.

But onto other things!  A classmate of mine showed me the most amazing blog the other day – it’s called the “Sartorialist”.  It’s just pictures of fashionable people on the streets.  Now, I may not have yet figured out how to fashionably dress myself, but I do enjoy looking at good fashion – and I love this blog.  It’s both fashionable, but extremely practical.  It’s everyday people on the street, and I love the vibe.  It’s maintained by a designer who was looking for a more contemporary, practical pulse on fashion, and he just walks around and takes pictures of people he sees.  Amazing.

It’s also provided lots of great inspiration for our characters.  See the picture I pulled off the site as an inspiration for “Fynn”, a small character in our movie who is a joyful, scraggley, devoted disciple of Rachael’s.  I love it.

You’re Going All The Way…

…to the END OF THE LINE.

Here is the stamp that we’re getting custom-made for “The Conductor” to stamp Owen’s passport with when he boards the “Sheol Express”.

Also, we’ll be getting Owen’s passport CUSTOM MADE by Indy Magnoli, who specializes in making passport reproductions (and recently made Julia Roberts’ and Clive Owen’s passports for the movie “Duplicity”).  Check him out here. We’re embossing it with a crest from the “Confederation of Sheol Sovreigns” that is being designed by resident wunderkid and our digital artist, Bryce Kroll.  Check out his other stuff here.


Our production designers recently contacted Anything But Costumes, a props rental house in New Jersey. To give you an idea of what our train will look like on-screen, here’s some of the items they requested from the company’s inventory:

Item #    Item Description
1AR027    Photograph, risque, 19th c nudes (x9)
1AR044    Photos, various for frames (x20)
1AR053    Photo, large in beige matte
1BX035    Jewelry box, glass w/brass edge
1D003    Daguerreotype, tintype in small case
1FF069    Silver and fabric frame w/dried flowers read more »

Oooohhh… shiny!

One of our production designers just placed an order from Home Depot for all of the hardware….

Again, this is just so cool for me because it means that we’re making a MOVIE!  A real, live, physical movie that has REAL STUFF in it – it’s no longer just a script or idea or budget.

Okay, so the stuff is sorta random by itself… but just you wait…

Pictures from the build coming later this week, and stay tuned for our first video production diary tomorrow!


“Swatching” sounds like something you might go and do on a Saturday night if you grew up in Iowa, like cow-tipping… but it’s not. It’s actually something you do on a Saturday morning (in our case, because we don’t get paid to do this… yet), and I went yesterday.

Fabric Shopping

Fabric “Swatching” with Gian Marco and Carmen.  We looked at this pattern, but probably are going to go with a red fabric that we found.

Gian Macro and Carmen, our amazing production designers, traveled to NYC’s garment district (around 7th ave, upper 30′s-lower 40′s) to look at the fabric for the train sets – the fabric for the plush benches and window curtains. We also looked for carpet that could go in the passageway.

Since moving to New York, I’ve literally dreamed of going to these fabric shops, all with miles and miles of really cool fabrics, and picking out fabrics for a movie I’m directing. That dream literally came true on Saturday morning!  It may sound weird, but… it’s true. Some details I hate (which is what Mike is so good at) but others…. just looking at details like the fabric for the seats is exciting because it means that we’re MAKING A REAL MOVIE!  Woohoo!

Quote of the day while carpet shopping – Me: “How about this carpet? This is nice. And blue.”  Gian Marco: “Yeah, if you want to make it look like a house in New Jersey.” Oh.

Carmen and Gian Marco also got the final “Mike and Ryan” approval on Saturday for the construction drawings for the train set. This means that on Monday, we’ll spend a couple thousand dollars for lumber and the train will begin taking shape in Manhattan’s East Village by the middle of this week. Wow!