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Some Production Photos from the DIT

Moments After Wrap!


I planned on writing an epic dawn-of-war blogpost about brotherhood, teamwork, and awesomeness, but my frail human form is shouting for concision – I believe in sleep.

Here, I turn to our esteemed General Patton, for his eloquence and veracious simplicity:

“An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of bullshit.”

Surely, the filmmakers of ages past can express our hopes more beautifully, more accurately, more succinctly than any number of words here can do:

Godspeed, my friends and fellow team members! – we are creating something truly beautiful.

Are YOU Ready for Your Breakout Role?

Hello, beautiful people!

Question: have you always known that you wanted to act, but never been given the chance? Always wanted to be in the movies, but never could work up the gumption to get those headshots done? Well, now’s your chance! We’re looking for a few small parts in our movie (some speaking), and if you’re in New York and feel you fit a description, we want YOU to apply!

All roles below are compensated $20.00/half day (this is under the table, folks ;)), and include hot meals and snacks on-set!  This may be the best job offer you see this month!

Here’s what we need, from a “featured players” point of view:

FYNN - 60s-80′s, male. Joyful, scraggly. Speaking role. Needed Sat. Apr 11.
AFRICAN BOY - 8-11, black male. Featured extra. Needed Fri. Apr 10, Sat. Apr 11.
JAPANESE PAINTER - 30′s-60′s, Japanese male. Quiet, artistic. Nonspeaking but featured role. Needed Sat. Apr 11, Sun. Apr 12 in PM.
SCHOLAR - 30′s – 60′s. The “professor” look. Nonspeaking but featured role.  Needed Sun. Apr 12 in PM.

…And here’s our “extras” – “background talent”, if you prefer – needs:

Fri April 10 – 2 extras needed all day. Any age/race.
Sat April 11 – 12 extras needed all day. Various ages, races, nationalities. Particularly need children or people 30+, multicultural, “ethnic garb” a plus.
Sun April 12 – 2 extras needed 9AM-3PM: any age/race. 3 extras needed in PM: Various ages, races, nationalities. Particularly 30+, multicultural, “ethnic garb” a plus.
Mon April 13 – 3 “Businesswomen” in AM. “Jeweler” in AM. (anyone want to pitch an idea for another group of people we could see in the train? People from all ages and classes ride the Sheol Express).

If you would like to apply for a part, send an e-mail to casting@thesheolexpress.com, with either the name of the character you want to play, or “extra” in the subject. Attach a picture of yourself, mention any experience you have (resumes welcome), and detail the days you are available/would like to BE IN A MOVIE!

This will be a huge help, guys. We’re excited to work with you!

Our Journey So Far

So, just to give you guys a sense of this production, where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going, I thought that you’d all enjoy a brief write-up of the timeline of this movie. Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how quickly! So, without further adieu – the schedule!

July 2008 – Ryan receives e-mail from Advanced Production class teacher Robby Benson, saying that scripts for Advanced project must be ready by first day of call in Fall 2007. Begins batting around ideas. read more »

Cohesive Happenings


This, ladies and gentlemen, is collaboration

Hey All!  This is Jenn, Casting Director for The Sheol Express, dropping the blogosphere a quick note on the eve of callbacks! 

Tonight saw yet another successful and productive production meeting. Seriously folks, this is how a film gets off the page and onto the screen – all the fabulous creative minds involved coming together, sharing ideas, working out details, and generally just being on the same page.  

Okay, so it takes a heck of a lot more to actually make a movie, but it would never work without the beautiful cohesion of minds you see above.  LOVE IT.

So now we press on to tomorrow’s adventure: Callbacks.  

Only a couple more days, and we’re going to have a cast!!  (I’m excited, can you tell?)