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The Saga Continues…

So, on Monday, we submitted our 50-page “production bible” to Tisch in an effort to appease them, to let them know that we are more than caipable of accomplishing this project.  We’ve been in constant communication with NYU about the project, and our Producer has taken steps to reconcile with the NYU administration the problems caused by trying to find the small loopholes we were working with earlier this semester.  We have moved past that, trying to proceed with the utmost honesty about everything.

Today, though, I received this e-mail:

Hello Ryan,
I need to schedule a time for you to meet with the Review
Board regarding a recent incident. 
Please let me know your availability for the week following Spring Break
(March 23 - 27).
Thank you,
Amber Janke

!!!??? – I wonder what this is about!

Another. Slight. $1000. Problem.

Yes, Danny, that’s a shout out to you.  I didn’t even realize that I still used that verbage until you called me on it.

For the uninitiated, in High School, my friend Danny and I made several works of pure genuis – see link - like the gritty, real-life high school drama “Darkroom” that exposed what conditions were really like in high school, and we would often run into problems.  The worse the problem, the more slight it became.  Thus, you never worried your cast or crew on set when you had to pull each other aside and explain the very, very slight problem that you had with our only source of power blowing out.  Or the location being locked.  Or other things like this.  Danny, feel free to chime in with our worse (or more slight) examples.

Onto the current situation.  It’s a very, very, slight problem. read more »

“You Can’t Do This”

That’s what they told us.

According to Robby – Ryan’s Advanced Production class professor (to complicate things, I am no longer at NYU, which upsets some members of the ruling class) – the soundstage authorities doubt our ability to bring this story to life. It’s too ambitious, too big, too messy, too demanding, too intensive, too [adjective].

And, listen, really, let’s shoot straight here for a moment. We haven’t exactly been angels. We needed eighteen hours to cast in Todman – the facility with the soundstage and casting space – and the cap on time was twelve. Our producer pulled some strings; we turned a bit of a blind eye and like magic, got what we needed.

Until, of course, they found out we’d played the system. And no one likes feeling they’ve been played.

Robby, thank God for him, went to bat for us in a panel meeting. “This project must be made,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”

Having won the ire of our bureaucratic superiors, we’ll be walking on glass for the next couple of weeks, submitting drafts and providing details to assuage their fears. We were concerned the meeting could have been a “we’re sorry, but you’re shut down” kind of situation… thankfully, it wasn’t.

We’re full-steam ahead.