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Who Watches the Watchmen?

Well, apparently, $25.1 million worth of people on Friday by itself, and $4.6 million worth of people (like myself) that sat through it’s 2-hour and 45-minute runtime on Thursday at Midnight (or Friday morning, if you’re of that persuasion of time).  “Watchmen” is the widest-released (seen on the most screens in the United States) R-rated film of all time, and had the 3rd largest box-office take for an R-rated movie.  What does this mean?  Well, first all, I would compare it to another successful movie in recent memory: Marley & Me.  About as different as they come, the figures of “Watchmen” and “Marley & Me” say a lot, I think, about recent trends in movies. read more »

Why “Slumdog” Matters

Winning 8 Oscars including Best Picture, everyone’s got an opinion about “Slumdog Millionare”. Including me, of course, and I’m gonna tell you what I think. You may be thinking “what the heck is Ryan’s movie opinions doing on this production blog?”  Answer: I really don’t know.  Deal.

Over the past month, I’ve overheard several conversations that all seem to go something like this:

“So, what’d ya think of Slumdog Millionare?”

“Well, I really didn’t think it was all that great.  I mean, I don’t really see what all of the fuss is abou.  You?”

“Oh… well, I mean, I liked it.  Yeah, I thought that it was pretty good.”

I’m going to take a step out and argue why “Slumdog Millionare” is one of the most important movies of the year, strikingly appropriate for the times, and both aesthetically and thematically pleasing.

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