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It’s happening right now, folks. As I write from the comfort of my home in America’s Sailing Capital, Ryan Patch, Jenn Durrett, and Perry Kroll of Studio Free Radical are braving Colorado’s mountains, traversing treacherous terrain in search of the perfect natural elements to photograph for our film’s atmospheric plates. Basically, they’re shooting things like water, smoke, and fog, all of which will add depth and texture to the onscreen world of Sheol. Wish them luck!

The trailer is HERE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. The moment is finally upon us.

The trailer is here. View it below, or click through to YouTube to view it in HD, full-screen. That’s our recommendation, and of course be sure that your speakers are turned up!

If you would like to get involved and help make “The Sheol Express” post-production happen, or know someone who would be able to contribute, please check out our Post-Production Prospectus and/or contact us at: ryan@thesheolexpress.com.

CREDITS: This trailer was cut by our assistant producer, casting director, script supervisor, and freelance editor Jenn Durrett. She’s amazing. Click for contact. The score was written by Sam Estes, our composer.

Stay Tuned…

We have decided on our cast.  After 24 hours of auditions, 5 hours of callbacks, 10 miniDV tapes, countless review screenings, and hours of “discussing” our choices, we have finally settled on a cast.

We will not tell you who they are, yet.  Mainly because we haven’t called them yet.  But we are SO excited to share them with you!

But watch this space for the announcement coming tomorrow, along with a special video that answers your burning question: what happens when the casting department is locked in the basement of the NYU Stern building on a snowy day?

Tune in tomorrow to find out.  It’s not pretty.