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Insurance: Resolved!

Hi all! -

We’ve received many questions, comments, and concerns over the last few days about our insurance situation, and we thank you so much for caring about our project!  So, because you’ve been asking… I am pleased to announce: The insurance situation has been resolved!

I actually have my own small production company called “Storytellers, INK” that owns some equipment (including an amazing RED camera rig, the one that we’ll be shooting “Sheol” on). Since I already have a policy to insure the camera, we’ll be able to cover our rentals through the same company – at a price of about $150.00. This is great news, because without pre-existing insurance, equipment insurance like this starts around $800.00.

So, we’ve got that covered. And I would also like to take this moment to say to the world out there that NYU is awesome. I don’t know if anyone from other university communities have heard about this situation, but some students and people around NYU are going as far as to say it’s the “death of NYU” as a prominent film school. This is ridiculous. NYU is a great school because the faculty is encouraging, intelligent, nurturing, and top-notch, not because of our equipment or insurance packages (which are all also great). NYU is still fighting hard for our general liability and location insurance (and will keep it), meaning that we only have to find insurance on rental equipment – not the whole production insurance, which would be another $1000.00. NYU truly did the best thing for its students, and is continuing to fight for us and make our productions possible.

Another. Slight. $1000. Problem.

Yes, Danny, that’s a shout out to you.  I didn’t even realize that I still used that verbage until you called me on it.

For the uninitiated, in High School, my friend Danny and I made several works of pure genuis – see link - like the gritty, real-life high school drama “Darkroom” that exposed what conditions were really like in high school, and we would often run into problems.  The worse the problem, the more slight it became.  Thus, you never worried your cast or crew on set when you had to pull each other aside and explain the very, very slight problem that you had with our only source of power blowing out.  Or the location being locked.  Or other things like this.  Danny, feel free to chime in with our worse (or more slight) examples.

Onto the current situation.  It’s a very, very, slight problem. read more »