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Hey all!

I just stumbled across this the other day, and wanted to share it.  A group of freshmen from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts were doing a documentary project, using sound and pictures, on the NYU film school experience, as seen through “The Sheol Express”.

I hope that y’all like it. The sights and sounds of the set bring me right back to being there!

Be on the lookout for more new video content in the next month, including our offical first trailer, a lot of information about the post-production and finishing of the film, and more blogging about random stuff from Mike and I.  I know you all love it.

Now… Brazil?

Hey everyone -

So, you’ve all been very patient, and it seems that evern though we haven’t posted through our very busy summers, you’ve been still checking this site.  We’re very flattered!

But this is the first post of many coming soon – we are ramping up for fundraising and post-production on “The Sheol Express”, so we’ll begin filling this space with updates on the film as it comes to completion, and as we begin traveling to film festivals.

In the meantime, however, check out a little clip from something that I did this summer.  I spent a month in Brazil directing a documentary about the Dow people in the Amazon, and thier recovery from alcoholism.  Here’s a little snippet of some of the fun stuff that we caught:

Don’t forget to watch in full-screen!

We’re in Thailand

Hello, all.

Perhaps, over the last 4 months, you’ve not only grown to love “The Sheol Express”, but us, as well <sappy music>.

If so, perhaps you would like periodic updates from us as we do some documentary work in Thailand?







I call this one “Mike looks around while eating in Bangkok’.  Pure Art.