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I planned on writing an epic dawn-of-war blogpost about brotherhood, teamwork, and awesomeness, but my frail human form is shouting for concision – I believe in sleep.

Here, I turn to our esteemed General Patton, for his eloquence and veracious simplicity:

“An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of bullshit.”

Surely, the filmmakers of ages past can express our hopes more beautifully, more accurately, more succinctly than any number of words here can do:

Godspeed, my friends and fellow team members! – we are creating something truly beautiful.

Assistant Director Marymichael D’Onofrio

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re pleased to present our Assistant Director, and no other word really describes her other than KICK ASS. The “AD” is the person responsible for set operations and scheduling – making sure everyone is doing their job, doing it well, and doing it on-time. After numerous references that she was the best AD we could get, we sat her down and convinced her to “come aboard”, and we haven’t looked back since.  Look for all of the other crew bios under the “Crew” section of the website.

Assistant Director

Marymichael graduated from NYU’s Tisch Film and Television program with a BFA in 2007, and has spent the past two years honing her craft as an Assistant Director.  Some of her more notable projects include MTV music videos, National Geographic  TV programs, HGTV specials, as well as dozens of student and independent shoots. In 2006 Marymichael spent six months abroad in Paris, France working on a documentary about cyclists and other “green” transportation. More recently she was found in Johannesburg, South Africa, working on multiple projects including “Landless”, a documentary that focuses on the struggle of illegal forced evictions in shantytowns by the local Government.  Marymichael has made a name for herself in NYC amongst her peers and, with her love of strip boards and call sheets, she is reinventing what it means to be a great AD.

Our Outstanding DP

The Director of Photography for “The Sheol Express” will be Andrew Ellis. Ryan first worked with Andrew shooting his NYU film “Chess and the Art of Orange Soda” last spring on S16mm. We worked well together, shared a good working style and had a lot of fun. Not only is Andrew an incredibly hard-working DP who can creatively and innovatively churn out shot after shot after shot on a small budget, he has an incredible commitment to the art of cinematography and mastering the craft behind it.

Check out his reel and bio below:

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More Pages Up!

Hey all -

We’ve just put the “About”, “Directors’ Statement”, and “Crew” pages up, so now you’ll be able to see in more detail what we and this blog are all about.  Right now, we’ve got only the directors’ (Mike’s and Ryan’s) bios up, but soon we should have the whole crew’s there, so you can get to know us for the cool and fascinating people we are. Awesome.