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The Evolution of a Shot

Here’s a few examples of a shot we’ve been working on for a while. The top is a still from a production meeting, drawn on a white board.  The middle is something whipped up in Google Sketch-Up, to try and get an idea of the perspective. The bottom is based on the Sketch-Up, but gives more of an idea of the lighting scheme we’re going for.

Reaf Cobham III, of Brouwerij

A lover of history and a brewer of fine ales.

As captured by concept artist Jordan Hassay.

An Example of Concept Art!

Here’s some visual eye-candy for you all.  Concept art!  If you’re gonna have a train, you’ll need a conductor.  And ours is awesome. 

This is done by our amazing concept artist, Jordan Hassay.  Check out his other stuff here: http://www.cinemabun.deviantart.com/.  He also does fantastic storyboards, and his short stop-motion film, “Seeker”, is beginning the film festival circuit.