“First Run” Awards

As you may have heard, “Sheol” had it’s first public screening at NYU’s First Run Film Festival this past weekend, and it was received with great aplomb.  We were honored with several awards from our screening block:

Audience Choice Award

“Sheol” was the audience’s favorite film! This means a ton to us – thank you! Read about it on the First Run Blog.

Producing Award – Ryan Patch & Adam Raichilson

Special Commendation for Cinematography – Andrew Michael Ellis

Special Commendation for Production Design – Gian Marco Lo Forte & Carmen Cardenas

Original Score Award – Sam Estes

This is truly exciting to have the film received with such open arms, and for the people who worked so hard creating the world of “Sheol” receive recognition!  We eagerly await the Wasserman Finalists and Awards to be announced on Monday, April 4th, and hope we get some festival-wide awards!

A special thanks to the 75+ people who came out to support and see “Sheol”, it means the world to us!