Follow Us to Cannes!

As I said before, we’re beginning to submit “The Sheol Express” to film festivals around the world, what with the almost-done version being completed last week.

Now, it’s just a go-out-on-a-limb chance, but our friends from NYU who made the film “Merhaba” notified us that the Cannes deadline was approaching… so we thought why the heck not. “Sheol” has been described as “European fare”, so why not submit?  Because “Sheol”‘s official running time is 28 minutes long, we can’t submit to the festival proper, but we will be submitting to the Cannes Cinéfondation, a side exhibition of short films from students around the world.

All Prepped and Ready to go to Cannes

This is what the paperwork to send something internationally looks like.

So, after filling out (in triplicate) customs forms to ensure that the film would not be held for import taxes, and paying a whopping $92.00 to DHL (any advice on how to ship something for cheaper internationally would be appreciated), I sent it off on Wednesday!  You can actually click here to follow the package with it’s tracking number and be sure we make it there!