“The Sheol Express” Pulls In – Premiere Info

I’ve got some extremely exciting news for everyone!

Sheol Express on Tape

Courtesy of @ebroms.

Another version of “The Sheol Express” (beta release 4) has been completed, printed to tape, and submitted on HDCam to NYU’s First Run Film Festival earlier this week.  (Before someone says something – I know the tape pictured is a DigiBeta.  We submitted the HDCam – this is the SD master.)  The film is almost finished – there’s just a few last VFX items to be stricken from the list.  Most are small fixes that will only be evident once the film is projected in it’s 2k digital glory on a large screen – the version submitted will screen fine for the judges.

Thus, the premiere of “The Sheol Express” will be at the NYU First Run Film Festival, held from the 24th of March – 4th April 2011.  More details will follow, we promise, but know that the film is indeed alive, and about to be unleashed on the world!