Why You Must Vote for Us NOW

Hello and welcome!

To the March edition of “help us finish up The Sheol Express!”  Yes, that’s right, we’re still trying to wrangle up enough votes to win $5,000 through Pepsi’s Refresh Everything contest.  And wait… I know what you’re thinking!  Please see below as I read your mind, and respond to your questions:

But wait, I thought that contest ended in February?

It did.  However, Pepsi has set this up to let the projects that *almost* made it into the top 10 (to receive funding) in Feburary – but didn’t – roll over into the next month’s contest.

Pepsi's Refresh Everything

Pepsi's Refresh Everything in NYC Bilboards

Okay, so, what’s that mean?

It means that The Sheol Express has a very real chance of securing some serious funding that will help us get this film finished and onto the film festival circuit.

But I don’t want to get all excited again… and then have the film end up at #34 again this month.

Yes, this is a concern, but here’s the deal: as you may have seen, the top 10 “ideas” are displayed on the www.refresheverything.com home page.  If we can break into this top 10 in the first few days of the month – when every project has a lot of mobility – we feel confident that “one time”, casual visitors to the Pepsi site will see it and vote for us.  They may not be loyal, but the overall effect is staggering – that those projects that start in the lead stay in the lead.

So, this means that we need YOU to TODAY – and especially for the next week – to give this site a voting blitz.  We’re going to try to get in the top 15 in the next 48 hours, and I really think that we can do it!

The outpouring of support, Facebook posts, tweets, mouth-to-mouth buzz, random connections, comments, and people that have contacted us about how this movie has already affected their lives is a huge encouragement.  We’ve had people all over the world discover the film and contact us, though this grant and blog, and it’s awesome to speak with all of you.

Thank you all for your support so far, and I would be eternally grateful if that support continued through the next week as we ROCKET this project to the top of Pepsi’s “refreshing ideas”.