Second Cut is HERE

So, we received the second cut of the film, and we’re pleased to say that we’re making progress!

Something that is very interesting about our film is that it’s rather long – we initially wrote a 23-page script, which should translate to a 23-minute movie.  23 minutes is already quite long for a short film, but we decided to work with it, as it was a really good script that we thought would hold people’s attention.

When we received the first cut, it became clear that we were looking at a bit longer film – 27 minutes, in fact, without any of the closing credits!  That’s very long!  The good news is that it feels like 10 minutes – which is impressive for one’s own movie that you’ve already seen a million times.  But, we thought that we’d make some cuts, tighten it up a little, and it’ll shrink right down.  We love the movie, but it’s always better to have a shorter movie, we’ve been told, so we dutifully began looking for ways that our editor, Evan, could cut it down.

Not so fast.

Mike and I screened the second cut, with 1:30 cut off, with Perry and Bryce (our vfx wizards of studio free radical) and Vlad (our colorist, of Vladlab), and it became clear that even minimal trims made a HUGE difference in the story.  It appears that the script is so tight, and even loosing a few lines here and there dramatically alters the story.  A compliment to the script’s tightness and succinctness, yes, but difficult as we try to tighten up the cut.

So, we’ll just continue cutting, and continue updating.  Just as we felt during the entire production process, we constantly find ourselves saying “This film is Amazing!  The people we’re working with are so talented!  But there’s SO MUCH work to be done!”  True… so true, and we’re reminded of both our peer’s talents every day, how fortunate we are to have them working with us, but also the sheer amount of work we all need to do.  The same is true of the edit, which we shall keep taking our “baby steps” on.

We’re trying to have all of the scenes that use visual effects locked by Thanksgiving in order to give Bryce a headstart on creating those amazing matte paintings!