An Important Announcement!

After many months of close collaboration with Chloe O’Connor (click for her website) – journalist, editor, and layout artist extraordinaire – we have drawn up a post-production prospectus that both recounts our journey to-date and looks ahead, detailing our hopes and dreams for The Sheol Express. We’re asking people like you – yes, YOU – to get involved!

A slew of challenges lies just around the corner, from pickup shoots to many hours of painstaking visual effects work to sound design and the final score. Bringing all of these elements together will be no easy task, and we need people to partner with us in raising completion funds. Check out the prospectus below to learn more about the steps ahead, and discover how you can join the team and help complete this special film.

If you yourself are not in a position to support The Sheol Express but know of someone else who is and may be interested, please contact us at, or just forward this prospectus to them directly. Thanks!

Our inspiration for the presentation came from the look and feel of the books from the original MYST video game, released in 1993 by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. Both Ryan and I have played through it and its successors. A worthwhile venture, especially for us, since their detailed worlds and designs have really informed the aesthetic of our films, The Sheol Express very much included.