The First Cut is HERE!

Hello, all! Just wanted to throw out a quick post-production update. Evan Derrick, our awesome editor (follow his writing blog at, has delivered the first cut of the film to us, and it’s beautiful.

Well, not exactly beautiful.

There’s always trepidation for directors seeing the first cut of their material – it’s the first time it’s all really “put together” in something that resembles a movie – except it usually doesn’t look anything like a movie, and you can’t just say “we’ll fix that in post”, or, “that’ll come together in the edit”, because… well… you’re IN the edit and post!  Our teacher at NYU and mentor, Robby Benson, always says something like “When a director is seeing the first cut of the material, be sure they’re not near any high windows or sharp objects.”  It can be that bad.

But, we’re pleased to report that the movie looks great! There is still much work to do, but the performances play, moments that we were nervous about come through, and the world – even without visual effects or color work – has come together.  We’ve still much work to do to realize “The Sheol Express”, but things are looking great, and we’re SO excited to share it with you!