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Everything is (Still) Classier in French – Unfortunately

How can you fault them when they reject you in French?

RE : Présentation du film : THE SHEOL EXPRESS
Au comité de sélection de la Cinéfondation du prochain Festival de Cannes (11-22 mai 2011)

Madame, Monsieur,

J’ai le regret de vous annoncer que le film ci-dessus mentionné n’a pas été retenu par le Comité de Sélection de la Cinéfondation.

Avec mes meilleures salutations,

Georges Goldenstern
Directeur de la Cinéfondation

Film Festival Resources

We’re beginning the long, hard trek into film festival submission territory.  My friend Gregg Helvey, director of the Academy-Award winning “Kavi”, sent me an Excel spreadsheet with over 300 festivals to consider, and I’m working from information on, and

Check these sites out if you’re submitting to a festival!

Everything Is Classier in French

Monsieur / Madame Ryan PATCH

Nous avons bien reçu votre film THE SHEOL EXPRESS

La conférence de presse annonçant les films sélectionnés pour le Festival de Cannes se déroulera durant la seconde quinzaine d’avril.

Si votre film est sélectionné pour la sélection Cinéfondation du Festival de Cannes, vous serez prévenu avant cette date.

Nous essayerons dans la mesure du possible de donner des réponses à tous les candidats avant la conférence de presse.



Suspicious Purchase #3…

I just finished doing taxes for Sheol Express’s 2010 year, and was reminded of about $60 of purchases we made at the beginning of this year.

FBI Watchlist Materials

5 gallon bucket, rubber hose, copper tubing, baby oil, etc…

Although these things are incredibly suspicious, they also came together to help us make the smoke and steam that’s seen throughout the movie!

Also, check out this wonderful XKCD comic for a related laugh.

Follow Us to Cannes!

As I said before, we’re beginning to submit “The Sheol Express” to film festivals around the world, what with the almost-done version being completed last week.

Now, it’s just a go-out-on-a-limb chance, but our friends from NYU who made the film “Merhaba” notified us that the Cannes deadline was approaching… so we thought why the heck not. “Sheol” has been described as “European fare”, so why not submit?  Because “Sheol”‘s official running time is 28 minutes long, we can’t submit to the festival proper, but we will be submitting to the Cannes Cinéfondation, a side exhibition of short films from students around the world.

All Prepped and Ready to go to Cannes

This is what the paperwork to send something internationally looks like.

So, after filling out (in triplicate) customs forms to ensure that the film would not be held for import taxes, and paying a whopping $92.00 to DHL (any advice on how to ship something for cheaper internationally would be appreciated), I sent it off on Wednesday!  You can actually click here to follow the package with it’s tracking number and be sure we make it there!

What’s Left!

As we said before, “The Sheol Express” is almost done, there’s just a few VFX elements that need some smoothing out.  Today, Perry Kroll and I make this VFX chart.  It shows everything that has yet to be done on the film – every index card contains one shot (or set of similar shots) that need some tweaks.

As you can see, sixteen shots await their final destination.  To give you an example of some of the things we’re going to be working on over the next few weeks, here’s one of the most complicated index cards:

Shot: Jump-cut Train Reveal

- Swing camera out more into the tracks by straightening the roof-line. This will make us see less of the train.

- Comp in new 3D train model.

- Atmospheric elements – dust, etc. – kicked up by and around the train.

It’s been a long journey, but Perry, Bryce and Vlad, our post-production team have been rock-solid and committed to the job, and we shall reach the End of the Line soon.

“The Sheol Express” Pulls In – Premiere Info

I’ve got some extremely exciting news for everyone!

Sheol Express on Tape

Courtesy of @ebroms.

Another version of “The Sheol Express” (beta release 4) has been completed, printed to tape, and submitted on HDCam to NYU’s First Run Film Festival earlier this week.  (Before someone says something – I know the tape pictured is a DigiBeta.  We submitted the HDCam – this is the SD master.)  The film is almost finished – there’s just a few last VFX items to be stricken from the list.  Most are small fixes that will only be evident once the film is projected in it’s 2k digital glory on a large screen – the version submitted will screen fine for the judges.

Thus, the premiere of “The Sheol Express” will be at the NYU First Run Film Festival, held from the 24th of March – 4th April 2011.  More details will follow, we promise, but know that the film is indeed alive, and about to be unleashed on the world!