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Own a Piece of The Sheol Express!

Sort of…

Check out those awesome SCONCES on the wall there!  For those of you who don’t know (as I didn’t 12 months ago) a sconce is a light attached to a wall.  And YOU (yes, you) can own your very own set of “SHEOL” SCONCES.

It’s almost like buying Michael Jackson’s sparkley glove.  Steeped in history, a collector’s item, worth millions in a few years.  Practically.

But we’re selling the solid brass sconces used in “The Sheol Express” on ebay, and if you’re in the market for some new sconces, check ‘em out HERE.   We’re using the money for post-production expenses.  We figure, if a Hong Kong Millionaire can spend $350k on a glove, someone could at least give us $20k for our sconces.  Right?


Second Cut is HERE

So, we received the second cut of the film, and we’re pleased to say that we’re making progress!

Something that is very interesting about our film is that it’s rather long – we initially wrote a 23-page script, which should translate to a 23-minute movie.  23 minutes is already quite long for a short film, but we decided to work with it, as it was a really good script that we thought would hold people’s attention.

When we received the first cut, it became clear that we were looking at a bit longer film – 27 minutes, in fact, without any of the closing credits!  That’s very long!  The good news is that it feels like 10 minutes – which is impressive for one’s own movie that you’ve already seen a million times.  But, we thought that we’d make some cuts, tighten it up a little, and it’ll shrink right down.  We love the movie, but it’s always better to have a shorter movie, we’ve been told, so we dutifully began looking for ways that our editor, Evan, could cut it down.

Not so fast.

Mike and I screened the second cut, with 1:30 cut off, with Perry and Bryce (our vfx wizards of studio free radical) and Vlad (our colorist, of Vladlab), and it became clear that even minimal trims made a HUGE difference in the story.  It appears that the script is so tight, and even loosing a few lines here and there dramatically alters the story.  A compliment to the script’s tightness and succinctness, yes, but difficult as we try to tighten up the cut.

So, we’ll just continue cutting, and continue updating.  Just as we felt during the entire production process, we constantly find ourselves saying “This film is Amazing!  The people we’re working with are so talented!  But there’s SO MUCH work to be done!”  True… so true, and we’re reminded of both our peer’s talents every day, how fortunate we are to have them working with us, but also the sheer amount of work we all need to do.  The same is true of the edit, which we shall keep taking our “baby steps” on.

We’re trying to have all of the scenes that use visual effects locked by Thanksgiving in order to give Bryce a headstart on creating those amazing matte paintings!

Keep Track of Us!

Hey all!

We wanted to create a way for all of you to stay in touch with us, and for us to notify you of important details, like when The Sheol Express will be playing at a film festival, theater, or location near you.

FIRST, remember to follow us on twitter, @thesheolexpress (click to follow us), so you can hear the updates quickly, uncensored, and 140-characters long.  This is apparently the way all web communication will be handled in the future, so we’re doing our best to practice our witty sound quips for our 15 seconds of fame.  Then, don’t forget to tweet our trailer to all our friends (and Perez).

SECOND, fill out the form below to be added to our brand spanking-new e-mailing list.  You can remove yourself at any time, and we will keep the updates minimal, but this is the best way for us to notify you as we progress through film festivals and play at different screening venues close to your home!


Preferred format for emails:
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Thanks, all!

Sheol’s Place in the Rest of the World

Our friend and fellow filmmaker Brandon Roots of Buffalo Picture House (click for link) brought this curious image to our attention. Really we’ve no idea what the Windows and Doors of Heaven are, or what mysteries lie buried within the Storehouses and Foundations of the Great Deep, but we sure would like to find out!

The trailer is HERE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. The moment is finally upon us.

The trailer is here. View it below, or click through to YouTube to view it in HD, full-screen. That’s our recommendation, and of course be sure that your speakers are turned up!

If you would like to get involved and help make “The Sheol Express” post-production happen, or know someone who would be able to contribute, please check out our Post-Production Prospectus and/or contact us at:

CREDITS: This trailer was cut by our assistant producer, casting director, script supervisor, and freelance editor Jenn Durrett. She’s amazing. Click for contact. The score was written by Sam Estes, our composer.


Fill up your pens and sharpen those pencils, folks. It’s National Novel Writing Month (click for link). Thirty days and nights of literary abandon!

An Important Announcement!

After many months of close collaboration with Chloe O’Connor (click for her website) – journalist, editor, and layout artist extraordinaire – we have drawn up a post-production prospectus that both recounts our journey to-date and looks ahead, detailing our hopes and dreams for The Sheol Express. We’re asking people like you – yes, YOU – to get involved!

A slew of challenges lies just around the corner, from pickup shoots to many hours of painstaking visual effects work to sound design and the final score. Bringing all of these elements together will be no easy task, and we need people to partner with us in raising completion funds. Check out the prospectus below to learn more about the steps ahead, and discover how you can join the team and help complete this special film.

If you yourself are not in a position to support The Sheol Express but know of someone else who is and may be interested, please contact us at, or just forward this prospectus to them directly. Thanks!

Our inspiration for the presentation came from the look and feel of the books from the original MYST video game, released in 1993 by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. Both Ryan and I have played through it and its successors. A worthwhile venture, especially for us, since their detailed worlds and designs have really informed the aesthetic of our films, The Sheol Express very much included. read more »

Also, Stay Tuned…

Tomorrow, we will be debuting a bunch of important information about how YOU can get involved in helping bring “The Sheol Express” to the screen.

On Wednesday, prepare for the RELEASE of our first OFFICIAL TRAILER!

The First Cut is HERE!

Hello, all! Just wanted to throw out a quick post-production update. Evan Derrick, our awesome editor (follow his writing blog at, has delivered the first cut of the film to us, and it’s beautiful.

Well, not exactly beautiful.

There’s always trepidation for directors seeing the first cut of their material – it’s the first time it’s all really “put together” in something that resembles a movie – except it usually doesn’t look anything like a movie, and you can’t just say “we’ll fix that in post”, or, “that’ll come together in the edit”, because… well… you’re IN the edit and post!  Our teacher at NYU and mentor, Robby Benson, always says something like “When a director is seeing the first cut of the material, be sure they’re not near any high windows or sharp objects.”  It can be that bad.

But, we’re pleased to report that the movie looks great! There is still much work to do, but the performances play, moments that we were nervous about come through, and the world – even without visual effects or color work – has come together.  We’ve still much work to do to realize “The Sheol Express”, but things are looking great, and we’re SO excited to share it with you!