Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Found Artifact…

Post-Production Prospectus

Something has been found from the world of Sheol.  What is it?  Stay tuned…

Now… Brazil?

Hey everyone -

So, you’ve all been very patient, and it seems that evern though we haven’t posted through our very busy summers, you’ve been still checking this site.  We’re very flattered!

But this is the first post of many coming soon – we are ramping up for fundraising and post-production on “The Sheol Express”, so we’ll begin filling this space with updates on the film as it comes to completion, and as we begin traveling to film festivals.

In the meantime, however, check out a little clip from something that I did this summer.  I spent a month in Brazil directing a documentary about the Dow people in the Amazon, and thier recovery from alcoholism.  Here’s a little snippet of some of the fun stuff that we caught:

Don’t forget to watch in full-screen!