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The End of the Line!

…Well, kind of. Friday, April 17, marked our last day on the Todman soundstage. Principal photography for “The Sheol Express” has wrapped!

We could not have asked for more. It has been a rare and beautiful privilege making this movie with such a talented and committed team, and I look forward to seeing our collective blood, sweat, and tears come together in the cut!

Evan Derrick, chief editor at Impact Productions, is spearheading the edit. Managing post workflow is Vlad Kucherov, who will facilitate communication between Evan and our visual effects wizards, Perry and Bryce Kroll.

Thank you, team, for breathing life into our story. We have something truly special.

Some Production Photos from the DIT

Moments After Wrap!

Production Stills

Production Photos

Sorry we haven’t had the time to add anything else to the blog.  Behind-the-scenes videos coming soon.  For now, we must sate ourselves with the stills.


I planned on writing an epic dawn-of-war blogpost about brotherhood, teamwork, and awesomeness, but my frail human form is shouting for concision – I believe in sleep.

Here, I turn to our esteemed General Patton, for his eloquence and veracious simplicity:

“An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of bullshit.”

Surely, the filmmakers of ages past can express our hopes more beautifully, more accurately, more succinctly than any number of words here can do:

Godspeed, my friends and fellow team members! – we are creating something truly beautiful.

“About” Page Updated!

We’ve updated our “About” page! The new summary, which totally trumps our old one (*cough*), is this:

Tired of traveling the Bordertowns throughout the waterless world of Sheol, Owen Turner boards the Sheol Express, a fantastical train bound for the End of the Line – the final resting place for those souls weary of wandering the parched frontier. Aboard, he meets Rachael, a visionary who preaches the existence of an alleged second-to-last stop – Araboth, filled with water, a paradise preferable to the End of the Line. Contesting her claim is the charismatic peddler Diggory Venn, as critical of Rachael’s religious ravings as he is devoted to sensory pleasures. Attributing Rachael’s beliefs to her former drug addiction, Diggory vies for Owen’s allegiance, encouraging him to enjoy the ride to their guaranteed final destination. But when the Sheol Express makes an unexpected stop, Owen must decide whom and what he will trust: Rachael’s hopeful visions, or Diggory’s steadfast hedonism? The wrong decision could sentence Owen to the Wastes, alone and condemned to wander again the very lands he once left. Dark and fantastical, “The Sheol Express” is a provocative story about hope, doubt, and the pursuit of Truth.

The Countdown Continues…

We are counting down the hours until we shoot! Just for reference, here’s what we’re working with over the next few days, and what a production like ours looks like as the days tick down…

Monday, April 6th

Final production meeting with Department Heads. Finalize shotlist.

Tuesday, April 7th

Art department does final shopping. Final rehearsal with actors. Get some sleep.

Wednesday, April 8th

8 AM – arrive at scenic shop to LOAD all of our sets into our space. Assemble them on the soundstage. Pickup props from NJ. Pickup grip equipment for prelight the following day.

Thursday, April 9th

Touch up painting. Art Department dresses sets. Pickup camera equipment.

Friday, April 10th – Thursday, April 16th

Make a movie!

The Confederation of Sheol Sovereigns

Our story unfolds in a world called “Sheol”. In the script, it is implied that Sheol has some sort of government (ie., consider Owen’s passport). To flesh out what, exactly, this government looks like and is named, we consulted Wikipedia, finally settling on The Confederation of Sheol Sovereigns. Here’s why:

Confederation: usually created by treaty but often later adopting a common constitution, confederations tend to be established for dealing with critical issues such as defense, foreign affairs, or a common currency, with the central government being required to provide support for all members. A confederation, in modern political terms, is usually limited to a permanent union of sovereign states for common action in relation to other states.

Sheol: in Hebrew שאול (Sh’ol), is the “abode of the dead”, the “underworld“, or “pit”.[2] Sheol is the common destination of both the righteous and the unrighteous dead, as recounted in Ecclesiastes and Job.

Sovereignty: the right to exercise, within a territory, the functions of a state, exclusive of any other state, and subject to no other authority. A sovereign is a supreme lawmaking authority.

And! THIS is why our made-up death world kicks so much more ass than yours does:


T-shirts coming soon!

Again, seal work by the amazing Bryce Kroll.